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11 March 2007 @ 06:06 am
1.The pursuit of happyness

Cast : Will Smith,Jaden Smith,
Thandie Newton
Genre : Inspiring/Biography/drama

Comment : I really like these type of movies . It makes you think about people that is
having bigger problems. There's a lot of feelings appears in this movie.

Stars : 4 and half out of 5.

2. Turistas : Holiday of Horror.

Cast : Josh Duhamel,Melissa George,Olivia Wilde
Genre: Thriller/Adventure

Comment : Lots of ass and boobies . Should get the dvd . :)
Story line is interesting. Its about group of tourist in brazil, trapped in
a organs selling business.

Stars : 3 and half out of 5.
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04 March 2007 @ 04:52 am
It's been a while since the last time i do my journal..

So these are things that ive been doing from the time i stop.. :)

1. LTDL (Le tour De Langkawi)Second last stage from Putrajaya to Seremban

The story starts when my dearest bruneian friend ask me a favour to drive, actually to chase the ltdl racers. The thing is for her brother who actually cyclist for brunei. So, the brother came to m'sia with his two other friends who are pro cyclists as well. So i said to myself.. LTDL? yeah sure, for something new, and the experience to drive further than tg. malim. I pland it nicely, get the big van, study the map of the race (because i want to know where the racers will pass by, so the guys can watch them passing by : ) heheh, its their thing.. ) so, on the day itself, i woke up early like 7 , pick them up.. Arrive at p.j arnd 10 and the chase begins.. It was fun , i had fun eventough im really tired.. the plan was going smoothly. The guys had fun and enjoyed the race. Later after the race, from seremban i took them to a bicycle shop at petaling jaya and they had fun again shopping for their bicycle.Then later we went to hartamas for my football session.. hahahah.. the end.. Owh , i got tanned from the hotness..

2. Bruneians at tg. malim..

On the chinese new year break, one week holiday, i took my bruneians friend to my place, my study place, tg.malim. I took them to the river that i always told them about. We went there, unfortunately, bt i was expecting it.. the place was a bit crowded, totally different from the time when i was ther wit my classmates. Maybe its a holiday.. but, my favourite spot at the river was not taken.. Im so happy bout that.
So, we do the usual thing that i always do when im ther.I took my fishing rods that was hidden there before and start fishing, then we snorkling and a bit of picnic. We had fun and felt fresh-er. Next destination, the hot spring.. We got there a bit late, but its just nice for hot spring session. A little bit preview of that place because they plan to bring their family to that place, they liked it. :) after that, i took them to the only and the cheapest dvd shop in tg.malim. Rm 5 per piece.. Bought some dvd's and went home. Hold on, we had sheesha and dinner before went home. Perfect. :)

3. Lots and lots of work..

Lately, ive been busy with my work. My last semester, busy wit my project. Its 60% done. I hope i can finish it before my finals which is in may. My assignment just keep coming non-stop.So, i ve to cut a bit of my happy time, have'nt been to the river for a while, hardly hang out, chasing time for my movie session. I hope the madness will end soon .

4. Tournament

Next week we gonna have a football tournament. So, we, me n my classmates decided to take this tournament seriously kinda wanna get well prepared for this tournament because we want some memories for this last semester. We bought jerseys, i got myself a new pair of boot(hahahah i liked it, its been a while since last time i bought a new one), and pick a random club from holland for our team name cause that is the rules. We need to choose a football club name from europe, we choose ajax amsterdam. I think ill post the results later.. (if we'r winning hahahah)

OK, i think that's all for now..
Chow..!! P/s : Manchester United 1
Liverpool 0

= The Red Devils Rocks!!!!
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01 February 2007 @ 12:46 pm
After a week, usually a week for introduction of all subjects for my last semester, i realize that i've to do extra work for my studies. Its my last semester and i want to do well. And with a good results, hopefully i will be able to continue my studies at a place that i really want to go. (have'nt survey yet :) ) There's a few subjects that really make me worried, that is just the intro, :) but i think its going to be fine.
I think i just overreact, i think its the normal butterflies in my stomach feeling that i usually have when i am nervous. :)

Secondly, i hope my 'surroundings' will coorporate with me within my last semester there. Usually there is always 'flies' or 'mosquitos' that will bother the journey. I really hate this type of people who is making life much more harder for me, himself and other people. There's this people will just create things to get attentions, people who ask for your help and questions your work, you gave your best already for the work. Hate that! (actually they didnt trust u) and people who cant accept opinions and think they are the best.! Its good to be motivated but its wrong that way. Then there's few more type of people that will disturb you along the journey.

My point is these people exist, you cant do anything about it, sometimes they got nothing to do with you, they just entered your life just like that. Best thing i think is to ignored them, be yourself ( try a few words with them if u can, be honest ) and let the time decide.
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28 January 2007 @ 05:13 pm
Its been a week after my class started. As usual ill have this disease of where ill think ive less time to spend for my entertainment satisfaction. So i was looking forward to this weekend to heal this disease. Ive list out some things to do, like i really miss and want to do.


Last Friday, straight away from Tanjong Malim, i meet up with lilredbite and some other friend, we went to this really nice arab restaurant and i have my own sheesha.. I didnt eat.. Just Sheesha n mint Tea.. I feel like im half arab already.. And after that we walked around that area and saw this street performer . He's a really good singer but i forgot his name.
I tought the night ends there . I was wrong. We came up with this idea to chill at some other place.. Its really nice except for the music they playing ther. I dont mind but my friend dnt like it. :) We had fun, took some pictures. After sending my friend home, i stop by at my friend place , chat and play some cards and finally decide to crash there. I slept at 6 am. After all this activities that ive done within short times, i felt really tired, but im good for more..

And on saturday night, i went to this gig for some entertainment variety and i had fun. The bands, the crowd , the company , everybody play their part to make sure the gig runs well . The gig is sooo goood.It calld 'Bear With Me'. I enjoyed it. Ther's this band called 'ask me again'. They rocks, very young but yet so talented. Their band is balanced nicely.. Give some more exposure.. they'll turn out great. :) http://www.myspace.com/askmeagainmusic

Today is sunday, and usually ill go back to Tanjong Malim . Most probably ill catch a movie at least before i go back there. Because i really miss watching movie.. Addicted already!! :) That is what i always wannna do. First thing on my list. I hope ill manage to do it before going back or the disease will get worst.. :( ... :) Daa.
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23 January 2007 @ 04:17 pm
Tanjong Malim gave me the warmest 'homecoming party' ever since i started studying here back in 2005. The worst thing is my study place make this new rules of car park management by giving us order to park more than 500m away from our faculty building. Our old parking spot has been left empty without anybody using it..
Im not sure what are they trying to do. It is just giving us some hard time.

The best thing about Tanjong Malim is , it has this really nice waterfall (place that make me fall in love wit tanjong malim) where me and my friend hangs out the most esp when the 'temperature is rising'. :) This will be my last six month here studying. I hope me and my friend will survive this last semester n hopefully , please god, we graduate together. I will come to tanjong malim again when ever i miss the food, the cheap dvd and the waterfall!! its only one n half hour max journey from kl to tanjong malim.
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22 January 2007 @ 03:46 am
After the plan for weekend didnt work out, im thinking of something that can always make me satisfied and happy which is a movie session.
So today, i manage to watch a movie with my bruneian friend . "blood diamond" It is really a good movie. Its by Edward Zwick, director of The Last Samurai. Good acting by Leonardo, Djimon Hounsou ,(good expression) and Jennifer Connelly. Its about the conflict that happend in Sierra Leonne , Africa. That cause a civil war. It is sad when u think about it, Africa that rich with gold , diamond and other stuff, but it is other people from other countries control the source of the wealth. This happend because of the leaders of the african nation itself let this to happen.
U guys try to watch this movie, maybe you'll like it as well, diffrent people diffrent taste.. c ya.

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20 January 2007 @ 04:33 pm
On my first post, i would like to thank lilredbite for her endless effort trying to convince me about this lovely place.I found Lj is very interesting place not just a place where u express yourself, it is a place where u will be able to meet a lot of new interesting people, sharing stories and memories, and lots more. It's really make me feel excited to do the same thing as well. So you'll see more posts from me whenever ive to express myself and of course if ive more time.. i'll make time for my new interest,LJ. See ya!!

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