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07 November 2008 @ 04:11 am
do you belive in dreams?  
do u believe in dreams? How often do you always get a good nice deep sleep with sweetest dreams or sometimes nightmare.? well, for me dreams just come and go, sometimes i remembered i had a dream last night but could not really recall what happened in the dream or ill just remembered the main plot of the dream. Some people said that when you were dreaming, your soul actually wonders around and you actually feels what is happenning at that moment. Then later in real life you kinda gone through the same thing again. This is what people believed as dejavu. Then you will get this weird feelings that you have experienced the same situation.

Some people really thinking hard on the meaning of their dreams last nite or some people will just take it as entertainment during their sleeping session. Most people believed the dreams that u had will give the opposite meaning or others thinks that the dreams has a significant meaning like a metaphor . Well it depends on what you think. :) yesterday early morning, while people still have fresh memories on what was their dreams last nite, i got a sms that woke me up from my dream, from a friend saying " morning far8, how r u? last nite i dreamt that u got killed with ur head got chopped frm ur body, r u ok my friend? eberything good? " i was really awake and fresh from reading that sms, with a weird smile on my face hence i replied " heyy , good morning, how r u? im doin good and nothing serious going on rite now. thanks, dnt worry it was just a dream. "
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harmoniq on November 7th, 2008 05:00 am (UTC)
heyy no lah.. i just feel like writing it down.. :) im alrite.