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15 April 2007 @ 04:52 am
I have been saying that me and my classmates has a tournament going on, but now not anymore. It has ended in a very 'funny' and weird way. we walkd out from the tournament and asked for our money back. The organiser fuckd us up, so its better that way i guess.

And my final project submission date is 3 weeks away, and its a depressing time now but its ok. All is under control. I think :). I really hope the project will work, and succesfully done.

Ive been chasing movies at cinema lately, to make sure i didnt missing any movie. I have'nt watch , TMNT, Hannibal Rising , the hitcher , the reaping and few more. Maybe i should start movie filter , ( a suggestion from my good friend) or maybe i should get just the dvd.. But i really enjoy my movie session. Makes me calm and relax. :) I dont know. Ill decide later :P

Finally, i just realised that i did not have any date for a long time. Hahahah :)

Ok, ill try to write as much as i can. Ive been busy lately.. :(
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