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13 March 2007 @ 09:27 am
Filling up the emptiness  
My morning class canceled, hate that when it happened because i have to wake up early
and later after struggling to get early to class, got the disappointing news.. :( Actually i was late half and hour already.. Seriously don't know what happened. :)

My backs is still hurt because of my river activities last week. It starts to make me worried, its about my spine, right at my hip. I hope its just the muscle and nothing to do with my spine. Actually i was hoping the thing will get better by tomorrow because of the match day that i will have but i don't think so i can recover now. I will play tomorrow anyway and see what will happen. It starts to make my mom worry. She will ask about it in every two days. :) Thanks ma, but i am fine. this thing will get better.
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