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07 November 2008 @ 04:11 am
do u believe in dreams? How often do you always get a good nice deep sleep with sweetest dreams or sometimes nightmare.? well, for me dreams just come and go, sometimes i remembered i had a dream last night but could not really recall what happened in the dream or ill just remembered the main plot of the dream. Some people said that when you were dreaming, your soul actually wonders around and you actually feels what is happenning at that moment. Then later in real life you kinda gone through the same thing again. This is what people believed as dejavu. Then you will get this weird feelings that you have experienced the same situation.

Some people really thinking hard on the meaning of their dreams last nite or some people will just take it as entertainment during their sleeping session. Most people believed the dreams that u had will give the opposite meaning or others thinks that the dreams has a significant meaning like a metaphor . Well it depends on what you think. :) yesterday early morning, while people still have fresh memories on what was their dreams last nite, i got a sms that woke me up from my dream, from a friend saying " morning far8, how r u? last nite i dreamt that u got killed with ur head got chopped frm ur body, r u ok my friend? eberything good? " i was really awake and fresh from reading that sms, with a weird smile on my face hence i replied " heyy , good morning, how r u? im doin good and nothing serious going on rite now. thanks, dnt worry it was just a dream. "
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18 May 2008 @ 02:49 am
Its been 46 weeks since last time i updated my blog. Today is the right day.

Its my mum's birthday today. As i write this, i am baking her favourite cake and it is the first cake that she teached me. i hope ill not wake her up while im baking and it'll be done by the time she's awake. well it will not take long tho. once again, happy birthday mama and love u.

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22 May 2007 @ 03:21 am
Love is one of the magical feeling that is really hard to get..
is it?

It is a feeling that is connected to the other feelings that is connected to it . :)
Hate, jealousy, desire, revenge, and lots more, i think came from this feeling. But yet people are looking for it. I am looking for it.
Actually, it depends on the person itself, how to control the feelings and how to expand the feelings. It is very subjective. The feelings may come from very different type of people ,from very different type of relationship.

A companion or lover that suits you is very hard to get. You have to look for it. The process is fun.. Is it? :) Im not sure. Its like when you have one, you'll end up in a different mess and when you dont have one, its a different thing. But yet people needs it. Its like a place for you to shelter. somebody that will be there for you. I miss that feelings. Dont you? :) Together, let's look for it.
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06 May 2007 @ 07:05 am
Im so dissappointed.

Big hints .. Man Utd.

Hahaha.. It is just dissappoint me to see my teams lost like that. But its ok, ill get over it. Its the normal thing to have winners and losers.
They still up for two titles , lets just hope they can win them. Glory glory man utd!!!

It's just weird when i went to cinema and there is no more movies to watch. Ive seen all of them already. There is one more big movie to watch but people are lining up their ass's to watch this movie. Maybe ill watch spidey when there's no more ass's in line. :)

This is the final month of my studies at tg malim. I will miss that place badly. But now works for my studies is giving some mild pressure on me.. But as a friend said. "you'll miss them". And im sure i will..
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06 May 2007 @ 06:46 am
Please my bright star come to me,
From sky, you have witnessed,
guided me, teached me..
please, please come again.

Once , you are right here,
by my side,
doing nothing but your usual,
i miss the feelings when you are around me,
its so soothing, warm and comfortable,
Make me laugh and cry,
at the same time.

my bright star,
you are full of colours,
when you are flashy white,
you are my source of calmness,
blue, you are my inspiration,
red, you are my spirit,
green, you are my happiness,
please my bright star,
come to me ..

i need my bright star.
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06 May 2007 @ 06:12 am
"Moments that we shared together will always be remembered"..

Life without tears and joy is like coffee without sugar . You will always feel empty without those feelings.

Friends is a big word. Friends can be divided into small groups like best friends, good friends, so so friend, bad friend, or whatever , you name it. But they all are friends.

These people who gave you those feelings. Its either good or bad. :)

It's just magical how's relationship grows. It keeps you wondering how this magic works and suddenly you realize there is always somebody that you can share your tought , sadness , happiness , friends or feelings.
It's a good feeling when there is somebody that you'll feel happy and sad together. These things that is always be kept in heart and mind.

But sometimes it will not stay longer. There is always something that will get ahead of this good things. The things that happen its either bad or good. Suddenly you realize you'll lose them. This is when compromise take parts. You just have to let it go. maybe its a good thing for them , and they cant just stay around. Its hard but that is part of our lives.. People come and go.. And let just hope that the 'things' that is left behind is still in their heart and mind. :) Because those things are extremely valuable and cant be replace. The bonding that have been made will keep the relationship stays fresh.

Mal, Thanks a lot for the time that we had wasted together. All the tears and joy will always remain in my heart and soul.

to people that is always around me, thanks a lot for adding some spices into my life..

Love u all..

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15 April 2007 @ 04:52 am
I have been saying that me and my classmates has a tournament going on, but now not anymore. It has ended in a very 'funny' and weird way. we walkd out from the tournament and asked for our money back. The organiser fuckd us up, so its better that way i guess.

And my final project submission date is 3 weeks away, and its a depressing time now but its ok. All is under control. I think :). I really hope the project will work, and succesfully done.

Ive been chasing movies at cinema lately, to make sure i didnt missing any movie. I have'nt watch , TMNT, Hannibal Rising , the hitcher , the reaping and few more. Maybe i should start movie filter , ( a suggestion from my good friend) or maybe i should get just the dvd.. But i really enjoy my movie session. Makes me calm and relax. :) I dont know. Ill decide later :P

Finally, i just realised that i did not have any date for a long time. Hahahah :)

Ok, ill try to write as much as i can. Ive been busy lately.. :(
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15 April 2007 @ 04:46 am
On 30th March 2007, ive received a phone call from my dad back from 'kampung' saying that my grandpa passed away. Ive some good memory with him and i will miss him...

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13 March 2007 @ 09:27 am
My morning class canceled, hate that when it happened because i have to wake up early
and later after struggling to get early to class, got the disappointing news.. :( Actually i was late half and hour already.. Seriously don't know what happened. :)

My backs is still hurt because of my river activities last week. It starts to make me worried, its about my spine, right at my hip. I hope its just the muscle and nothing to do with my spine. Actually i was hoping the thing will get better by tomorrow because of the match day that i will have but i don't think so i can recover now. I will play tomorrow anyway and see what will happen. It starts to make my mom worry. She will ask about it in every two days. :) Thanks ma, but i am fine. this thing will get better.
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11 March 2007 @ 06:25 am
On Tuesday last week. (Polytechnique Champions League)
Group C Match.

Ajax 1 - 1 AC Milan.

-Fahmi 20th min -Ganesh 10th min

Man of the match : Dean (Ajax)

Fixtures : Ajax vs : Chelsea (14th 03)
: Dinamo Kiev (17th 04)

Wish us luck. :)
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