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06 May 2007 @ 06:12 am
Tears and Joy.  
"Moments that we shared together will always be remembered"..

Life without tears and joy is like coffee without sugar . You will always feel empty without those feelings.

Friends is a big word. Friends can be divided into small groups like best friends, good friends, so so friend, bad friend, or whatever , you name it. But they all are friends.

These people who gave you those feelings. Its either good or bad. :)

It's just magical how's relationship grows. It keeps you wondering how this magic works and suddenly you realize there is always somebody that you can share your tought , sadness , happiness , friends or feelings.
It's a good feeling when there is somebody that you'll feel happy and sad together. These things that is always be kept in heart and mind.

But sometimes it will not stay longer. There is always something that will get ahead of this good things. The things that happen its either bad or good. Suddenly you realize you'll lose them. This is when compromise take parts. You just have to let it go. maybe its a good thing for them , and they cant just stay around. Its hard but that is part of our lives.. People come and go.. And let just hope that the 'things' that is left behind is still in their heart and mind. :) Because those things are extremely valuable and cant be replace. The bonding that have been made will keep the relationship stays fresh.

Mal, Thanks a lot for the time that we had wasted together. All the tears and joy will always remain in my heart and soul.

to people that is always around me, thanks a lot for adding some spices into my life..

Love u all..

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harmoniq on May 7th, 2007 01:58 pm (UTC)
hhahahha, thanx.. need more comment tho.. :)
ill try to write something like this again ..